Ercan Airport Transfers

Due to under-developed public transport system of North Cyprus, Ercan airport transfers are limited by choice and time of availability. Travelers are generally advised to make their transfer arrangements well in advance to avoid excessive on the spot costs of transfers from Ercan Airport.

If you are on holidays in North Cyprus for a few weeks only, we highly recommend the use of car hire from Ercan Airport (get it delivered to the airport instead of hiring one there).

Ercan Airport Taxi Transfers

Taxi transfers from Ercan Airport are readily available just outside Ercan Airport arrivals lounge, where you’ll see taxi drivers lined up looking for customers. You can read more about Ercan airport taxi transfers here.

Car Hire Ercan Airport

Due to lack of good scheduled transfer options at Ercan airport and a general lack of good public transport network in North Cyprus, car hire Ercan airport is the most preferred  transfer choice for majority of tourists visiting North Cyprus via Ercan Airport. Read more about Ercan Airport car hire here.

Ercan Airport Bus Transfers

There is a private bus transfer company “Kibhas,” offering shuttle bus transfers from Ercan airport, the service is on the cheaper side however has two serious drawbacks:

  • Bus transfers from Ercan Airport almost never match flight schedules.
  • If you are living in a private residence such as holiday villa or an apartment, then once you’re in your city of choice by using bus transfer from Ercan airport you’ll need to get to your final destination using a taxi, which will cost you almost the same if not more.

From (Ercan Airport) Kyrenia Famagusta Nicosia Guzeylyurt Lefke
09:00 10 TL 10 TL 7 TL 10 TL 12 TL
12:00 10 TL 10 TL 7 TL 10 TL 12 TL
16:30 10 TL 10 TL 7 TL 10 TL 12 TL
19:30 10 TL 10 TL 7 TL 10 TL 12 TL
23:45 10 TL 10 TL 7 TL 10 TL 12 TL