Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport (ECN - Ercan International Airport) is the largest airport in North Cyprus handling approximately 100 flights per week. The new terminal of Ercan Airport, with all of it’s technical and architectural enhancements is a state of the art facility comparable to any modern airport of the world.

Ercan Airport is presently served by four airlines with scheduled and chartered flights to Ercan. Airlines that operate regular scheduled flights to Ercan are Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Jet and Turkish Airlines; With Cyprus Turkish Airlines taking the lead in bringing the maximum number of passengers to Northern Cyprus!

Flights to Ercan

Turkish Airlines, Atlas jet and Cyprus Turkish airline operate direct North Cyprus flights to Ercan, however when we say direct we mean with a brief stop over in Turkey, as no flights presently are allowed to fly directly to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus!

Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Pegasus airlines with chartered flights to Ercan are airlines of choice for thousands of UK visitors who come to enjoy sunny Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines cheap flights to Ercan Airport from Stansted, Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester and Heathrow are operated more or less on a regular schedule, whereas Pegasus airlines has biweekly flights to Ercan Airport.

Ercan Airport Terminal

The new terminal of Ercan Airport was inaugurated in 2004 by then Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus, who at the time hailed it as “A Gateway to Northern Cyprus,” which has become true to certain extent as Ercan Airport now is the leading port of entry for hundreds of thousands of holiday makers visiting Northern Cyprus.

The new modern terminal of Ercan Airport is a single building with separated arrivals and departure lounges.

Ercan Airport Facilities

Ercan Airport is a modern airport and provides all the amenities and facilities that you might have become accustomed to as a traveler. With recent upgrades and renovation works completed, the airport now has two paved runways, one 2,755 meters and the other 1,800 meters in length.

The control tower of Ercan Airport with its upgraded computers and software can track and direct multiple flights to land simultaneously at Ercan Airport.

Ercan Airport Restaurants

There are two restaurants in Ercan Airport open 24/7. These are located at apposite sides of the Ercan terminal building and serve hot and cold meals along with coffee and other soft drinks.

Ercan Airport Duty Free

There is not one but two duty free shops in Ercan Airport! The bigger of two is situated in departures lounge and a smaller one is located in the arrivals lounge. Ercan duty free shops carry all standard personal use items found in any other duty free shop of the world, however best buys at Ercan duty free are tobacco and alcoholic drinks, which are much cheaper compared to shops outside in North Cyprus!

While shopping at Ercan duty free please do keep in mind your North Cyprus customs allowance. Also note that timings of Ercan Airport duty free shops are co-ordinated with departure and arrival of aircraft at Ercan.

Ercan Airport Business and VIP facilities

We’re sorry to report that there is no business center nor a VIP lounge at Ercan Airport, however there is a completely separate VVIP lounge which is used exclusively to welcome heads of state, state guests and dignitaries on official visit to North Cyprus.

Wheelchair access at Ercan Airport

Ercan airport does provide facilities and wheelchair access for passengers with disabilities. Please get in touch with your airline well in advance to avail Ercan Airport’s facilities for people with special needs.